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Hardwood flooring is loved for good reason

If you've spent any time walking on natural hardwood floors, you know there's something entirely different about them. They are durable, hard-wearing, and highly stable and offer a lifespan that can easily exceed 100 years or more. It's easy to personalize these floors, too, with appearance options that can quickly meet any décor need, so be sure to find out more.

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Solid hardwood is what most homeowners think of when they hear about this flooring line. It's an excellent option for various spaces, including hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. What's more, you'll find it gives you plenty of opportunities for visual personalization, including species selection, stain color, finish type, and installation options.

The only place you cannot install solid hardwood is in below-grade spaces. If you have a basement in which you'd like these materials to be installed, we suggest using engineered hardwood as an alternative. These products offer a better experience when faced with dampness, moisture, humidity, and temperature changes for results you'll enjoy for up to 30 years on average.

These materials can be refinished once wear begins to show, stripping away imperfections to leave a brand new layer of wood. Solid wood can be refinished several times, just as engineered products can if the natural wood veneer is thick enough. During the process, you can either choose the same stain color and finish you had before or switch up for new options for both.

When installing hardwood flooring, you should expect the process to take some time. These floors have to be acclimated, carefully measured and cut, and more to create the perfect surfaces for your home. To find out more about the process, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

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